Maggie Banker, Dog Control Officer

Cell: 518-365-9872 (feel free to text or call)

Email: (if emailing please include the Town in the subject line of the email)

Final Local Law #3 of 2017 AMENDED DOG LICENSURE LAW

Local Law #2 of 2017 DOG CONTROL LAW

Please note that the NYS Ag and Markets Law has changed and removed noise concerns from Article 7 , according to the Town’s Local Law #2 of 2017 Section 9:  “In the event that any other local law or ordinance relative to the control of dogs within the Town of Stephentown shall conflict with this local law, to the extent of such conflict, such other local law or ordinance shall be deemed repealed, null and void.  Nothing contained herein shall be deemed to limit the powers afforded by the Agriculture and Markets Law to the Town, its agents, designees and all other persons vested with the powers as set forth herein.”

Please note that the Dog Control Officer cannot enforce noise complaints regarding dogs barking.

Upcoming Local Rabies Clinics


Licensing must be completed at the Town Clerk’s Office located at 26 Grange Hall Road, Stephentown, NY 12168.

Dog License Renewal are NOW available ONLINE

Click Here to RENEW your Dog License – As  a reminder if your pup’s rabies is expired you will need to provide proof to the Town Clerk’s Office in order to have access to renew online in the future.


  • All dogs are required to be licensed by four (4) months of age
  • Current proof of rabies vaccination must be provided

Required Documentation

There is no application, just required forms are needed at the time of visit:

  • Proof of Rabies Vaccination (no exceptions), and
  • Spay/Neuter Certificate (optional)

Annual Fees

  • 1 year spayed or neutered — $3.50
  • 1 year NOT spayed or neutered — $11.50

Detailed Information

Stephanie M. (Wagar) Hoffman, the Stephentown Town Clerk, wishes to remind residents that under New York State Agriculture and Markets law, all dogs are required to be licensed by four (4) months of age. Before a license can be issued or renewed, current proof of rabies vaccination must be provided. Rabies is a contagious and serious disease spread from animals to people, so having them vaccinated helps to protect not only your dog, but also you and your family.

To obtain a new license, a copy of the current Rabies Certificate is required (must be valid for more than 30 days prior to licensing). If the dog has been spayed/neutered proof that the animal has been altered must be provided. The cost for a spayed/neutered dog is $3.50 (annually) and unspayed/unneutered dog is $11.50. One tag is issued for the lifetime of the license; however, in the event of loss, can be replaced at an additional cost. A renewal letter will be sent on an annual basis, based upon the anniversary of the license.

If you have a dog that is of age and unlicensed, you are in violation of State and Town statutes. Please be aware that is the Town conducts a dog enumeration, not only will you have to pay the licensing fee, but you will also have to pay an additional fee for having an unlicensed dog.

If you have any questions, please visit the Stephentown Town Clerk’s Office, or please call 518-733-9195, Ext. 8, email at