Veterans of the Stephentown Area

We take pride to those who fight and those who serve! The Heroes of yesterday, today and tomorrow are Heroes forever. Thank you to those who serve!


Application for Membership [PDF]


Every first Wednesday at 7 pm at the Stephentown Fire Hall Pavilion.

Mailing Address

P.O. Box 612, Stephentown, NY 12168

Honor Roll

All veterans who are living in town or have lived in town as a permanent resident are eligible to be on our Veterans Memorial Park of Stephentown Honor Roll.

Lettered paving bricks are available for:

  • 3 lines — $75
  • 4 lines — $85
  • 5 lines — $95

For information regarding addition of names to the Honor Roll, contact Wesley Edwards at 518-733-5217.

Patriot Guard Riders of New York

Standing For Those Who Stood For Us —

Patriot Flight would like to honor WWII Veterans by sending them free of charge to Washington D.C. to see their memorial. Visit the Patriot Flight website and see their mission and forms for this trip. If you already have information and would like to attend, you may access the forms below.


  • President: John Defreest, Jr., 518-733-6504
  • Vice President: Vincent Devlin, 518-733-5413
  • Secretary: Wesley Edwards, 518-733-5217
  • Treasurer: Phyllis Defreest, 518-733-6504


  • Allen Sicley (12/2018), 518-733-5334
  • Lawrence Holder (12/2020), 518-766-5099
  • Frank Mohos (12/2021), 518-733-5054
  • Pat Curtin (12/2022), 518-733-7987


John Close, 518-794-0582