Larry Eckhardt, 518-733-9195

William Jennings, 518-733-9195
P J Roder, 518-733-9195
Everett Madden, 518-733-9195
Pam Kueppers, 518-733-9195

Town Clerk
Stephanie Wagar, 518-733-9195

Highway Superintendent
Aldie Goodermote, 518-733-5994

Jennifer VanDeusen, 518-733-9195

Building Inspector
Owen Cassavaugh, 518-733-9195 ext.3

Dean Herrick, Deputy

Committee Person & Months

  • William Jennings — Jan., May, Aug., and/or as required
  • Philip Roder — Feb., Sept., Dec., and/or as required
  • Pam Kueppers — March, June, Nov., and/or as required
  • Everett Madden — April, July, Oct., and/or as required
  • Larry Eckhardt, Supervisor — as required

State Audit Report

The Final State Audit Report has been completed and is now available at the Town Clerk’s Office or by clicking here.